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Welcome To Julie Arliss

Awarded a Farmington Fellowship from Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

Julie Arliss is a highly accomplished teacher and author. She is a well-known international educator working closely with teachers to bring the best resources to schools. She is an international educator of gifted students with a gift for making the complex simple, and the simple complex. She is committed to the provision of world-class extension activities for these students, to extend their reach well beyond the curriculum to new areas of knowledge. She was on the examining team for Cambridge International Examinations and assisted the CPD team for one of the leading UK examination boards, alongside teaching A level at Kings College Taunton for many years.

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Academy Learning

Aimed at nurturing those with exceptional cognitive ability, Academy Learning speakers are typically Polymaths who are integrative and progressive in their attitude to human knowledge.

What’s The Point

International Series of Gifted and Talented Events

International Series of A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religion events
Teacher training
Head Teacher training
Kings College Taunton

Academy Learning

Academy Learning is a unique grass-roots initiative set up by a teacher,

Julie Arliss of King’s College, Taunton, in 2009 to help students, teachers, and headteachers think about the larger purposes of education and engage with the big questions of life.

The focus is on aspects of the curricula and activities of UK, NZ and Australian schools that engage with philosophical and theological ideas.

Julie Arliss on the Origins Of the Universe

Since 2013, the Ian Ramsey Centre has collaborated with Academy Learning on events for students, teachers, and headteachers